A Café at The National Gallery

About our Café

Located at the National Gallery in Prague packed with a collection of Czech and international modern and contemporary art, this spacious café offers Speciality coffee from the mamacoffee and Original Coffee roasteries. A great deal of offered snacks is supplied by the mamacoffee bakery, supplemented by minor dishes made in the Café Jedna\\\\\\\'s own kitchen. Meals are prepared from fresh and natural ingredients, focusing on seasonal offer. Café Jedna presents various events loosely related to the program concept of the National Gallery and the adjacent Studio Hrdinů Theater. Café Jedna is not a café in the true sense of the word. As evening approaches, it slowly changes into a pleasant bar. We serve draught beers from Vinohrady Brewery, including their exciting beer specials.

Reservation up to 10 people

+420 778 440 877

For bookings for up to 10 persons please use the on-line form. Reservations are made no later than 24 hours before the given date. We do not do weekend reservations. For bookings over 10 persons please contact our manager at provozni@cafejedna.cz. The whole café can be booked after 6.30 p.m. only. Capacity is 150 persons. There are no separated rooms or other facilities.

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